Folk Fashion: Working Out Country-Inspired Looks

Published: 10th June 2009
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Promotional Ideas for Start-Up Fashion Designing Businesses

Bringing in design concepts such as Folk-inspired prints into a modern-day wardrobe can be a challenge for fashion designers. But, if you get to succeed in this project, the beginning of your business in the fashion industry will turn out unique and will look great for your debut print catalogs.

Being a designer in the fashion industry allows you to be as creative as you want. To revive or reconstruct old and forgotten trends into an entirely new concept can get you a good seat in the industry. Just also remember that functionality is also an important part in creating wardrobes. Here are some suggestions on how you can build up your garments through folk-inspired items and concepts.

1. Accessories: Thinking of the grooves, designs, and colors of antique tiffany lamps and other furniture plus adding wooden or brass texture can give you an overview on a modernized style of folk fashion. A more glamorized look can be through metallic or brass fringes as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

2. Prints and Patterns: One way to make folk designs more up-to-date is through having retro or geometrical designs spread out in small prints. Using them as flowing dresses in brighter, neon-like colors can make folk fashion prints appear trendier and different. Another way can be by changing bohemian floral prints into an all white print used in light, flowing material.

A trick to make garments timeless is by disguising past trends such as folk or bohemian into new combinations, colors, accessories, and highlights. Concentrating not only on the clothes but on the other wearable items can save you a lot in your future catalog printing projects for you include the whole package of what you are promoting.

3. Combinations: Doing a half top and bottom for dresses can cut off overly exposing folk trends and can immediately turn your garment into something modern looking. One way could be through the use of embroidered fabric for the top area, and breaking the design off with a softer look with a long, flowing skirt. This way, you balance the focus of the print patterns to something more up-to-date with a glamorized skirt.

4. Highlights: Fringes, as known to be very folk-like, can be produced with a modern appeal. By changing the suede or rough material into something embroidered or beaded can transform the look into something more fitting for present times.

Mastering the skill of mixing and combining texture, prints, and colors can make you create different looks; and even if you are reusing old trends, the design will not seem repeated. With folk or bohemian looks, being too flashy or very folk-like will not be very appealing to modern urban women; and to make your garments useful will be to reconstruct the appeal through simply combining basic ideas into the wardrobe.

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