Define Clothing Products with Creative Hang Tag Designs

Published: 01st June 2009
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Custom-made Tips on How to Better Promote Different Clothing Products

Clothes shops or boutiques either sell specified garments like an all ladies' gym attire shop or a mixture just like in the departments stores. With different clothing materials, spending time to produce creative hang tags that are custom-made will be easier for customers and rewarding on sales returns.

Services from online printing companies nowadays have made designing easier for clients; with their design software found at the website, building a unique custom clothing tags will not be difficult at all. Upon visiting their website, customers are supplied with clip art, basic shapes and colors to enhance an already existing layout or build a custom clothing tag from scratch.

1. Basic Shapes: If you are to create a logo-like design and you are not really into graphic designing, using a four-shape combination can always be a safe choice. For example, use a large circle with three other smaller ones can turn into bubbles, an old telephone dial, or a thought balloon. You can also distort a circle into an oval shape or any shape you want. Just make sure you use the appropriate color combination and positioning for your hang tag design.

2. Clip Art: Using the clip art option can make designing creative hang tags a no-brainer; for example, choosing their plant objects zoomed out of proportion can build a unique tag. Changing the outline color and playing with the background can also make the tags look more customized.

3. Basic Colors: Using colors with no graphics can be possible and can produce unique and creative tags also. With the use of the square shape, you can cover the canvas to make a solid background. Perhaps a darkly-shaded background with a mixture of small and large multi-colored circles on top of each other can create creative tags that are very suitable for a clothing store.

The more creative the tags look, the more customers will get attracted and remember your brand. Also, different clothes products can be better displayed and promoted with each garment having a customized tag.

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