Decorate a 1920's-Themed Party

Published: 05th June 2009
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Idea on How to Produce a Whole 1920's Scene for a Theme Party

The 1920's was a period when literature and poetry flourished; same with the arts, fashion, music, and decor. With such a rich blend of trends and culture, hosting and decorating a party sought after this period will be a very interesting one indeed.

Just as mentioned in an article about the roaring twenties, the period was a time of change after the World War I; that a time of eccentricity in social behavior, activities, and interests were very much evident. With a lot of ideas to work on, knowing what decorative pieces to pick on to portray such era requires a lot of the basics and research as well.

1. Search for 1920 poster prints: Some of the good reference materials can be found in antique shops or special retail boutiques that hold a lot of memorabilia from different times and places. Going on a 1920 poster hunt will give you ideas on color combinations for the party. Also, these prints will be good instant wall decorations for the finishing touch.

2. Art Deco Alternatives: Authentic 1920 stuff are probably hard to find and would cost more and eat up your time, opting for items that are similar through furniture rentals can be a better solution. Using thick and shiny drapes, rounded and chunky figurines and tables, and cocktail paraphernalia can be used to create a 1920's mood. Other items that can highlight this era are long cigarette holders, musical jazz instruments hung on walls, and feather like table runners or covers.

3. Invitations: To give your guests a glimpse of the theme you have prepared for, a flapper headdress with a feather can be a good way to define the era you have chosen. Having them come in frilly costumes will very much add to the essence of the event. Producing poster prints as a replica of your invitation can also be a good add-on for your guests as they will feel more welcome in the event you prepared for.

Opting for something different for a party can be a good way to liven up a crowd. Not only will you get into a new hobby in furniture and decoration hunting, but you will get to host a memorable party for your family and friends.

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