Clothing Boutique Print-Mix Campaign Ideas

Published: 09th July 2009
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Different Approaches for Successful Promotional Campaigns

Just like any other business, clothing boutiques require marketing campaigns to boost their profit. Since clothing boutiques promote a fashionable lifestyle, giving your materials a little bit of twist is possible for color, art, glamour, and creativity is part of the main concept in the fashion industry.

Marketing your products with postcard campaigns is effective for reaching out personally to clients. Also, with fashion as your product, dealing with design concepts will be interesting to your target market.

1. Postcard campaign: Along with your greeting cards, adding flyer prints of the same postcard size can add opportunity to promote. Since you are sending postcards on several occasions, you have reason to promote clothes that are fitting for the same season as well. Another approach can be through promoting discounts on the same occasion too.

2. Postcard giveaway: Together with your

postcard printing
, you can include calendars as special gifts for loyal customers. Showing your clients that you recognize their loyalty to your store and your products builds good relations and your clients will appreciate the gesture. The calendars can serve as both an added promotion with the back part used as a design meant to promote, and also print out coupons or discount offers for your intended loyal customers.

3. Catalog Campaign: If your greetings come with a catalog that lets your recipients in the know of what is upcoming with your clothesline, your customers will have added reference and another reason to come back to your boutique. You can promote the new and end season, and send out discounts for last season's clothes. Catalogs can be easily edited and your designs can be well-guided in a trusted online printing company.

Mixed prints for your campaigns can be a good way to increase the effectiveness of your gestures. By adding special features and offers, customers will feel taken care of, remember, and have reasons to come back and avail more of your products.

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