Classic Rock Lyrics: Good Poetry Foundation

Published: 07th June 2009
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For those not so familiar with this type of music genre, rock and roll lyrics are spun in very poetic forms. Although nowadays they are still evident in some popular music, the revolutionary period of the 60's and 70's was more of a rebellious stage that their lyrics spoke of their pains and struggles in poetic forms.

As the trend then in lyric writing was more into the use of metaphors, up until this day, some are still guessing as to what the real message of some of these rock songs really mean. Aside from the art of lyric writing, reasons for not being too outright and honest about their works is because of issues such as drug-related concerns, political views, or famous icons for they may have been evident back them, but not to a point to comfortably promote such.

1. Historical: Reading through lyrics of composers such as Bob Dylan or Elton John can make you see that some of the meaning of their songs open up to people and places back in time. After learning to figure out the person behind the song, digging through further into the lyrics will give you a vague input of the lives of the persons involved, and along the way will make you want to do your own research.

2. Descriptive Style: Poetry has a certain beat to their writing, or sometimes, no beat at all. Through noticing the tempo and cuts through their music accompaniment to the lyrics, you can get to pick up certain styles in how to write your own poetry, or you can be inspired well enough if you are into such type of music.

3. Highly Analytical: Because the meaning behind the lyrics is very well hidden, you can come up with several meanings to their songs. Forming debate or discussion groups with friends and family can exercise you analytical skills and makes you build your own inferences. Forming your own opinion is one way of practicing your assessment skills which is well needed in school and in real life.

Along the way, you will somehow develop a liking towards certain poetry pieces; and a good way to remember these lyrics can be through producing prints through online poster printing services.

Studying poetry alone can somehow be dull to thoroughly digest; but if lessons, values, and real issues come to rise and are existing in a form of lyrical art; the interest of finding meaning is a lot more fun. That is why documenting your findings or interests on certain music pieces through online poster printing can symbolize your admiration towards composers in the past.

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